For music producers, there might not be a more important element to consider than a recording studio desk. You might view a desk as an accessory or simple piece of furniture, however, a music production desk is so much more than that. To ease your workflow and facilitate the disposition of the different recording equipment and music gear you have, it proves to be an inevitable asset. We spent hours going through the available options to gather the best possible recording studio desk options.

Review: Best Recording Studio Desks | Top 3

1. Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation Review

  • 90%
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Appealing design


Easy-to-follow setup instructions


Flexible & mobile


Flimsy particle board


It comes covered in glass fibers – set up with extreme care!

The very popular Z-Line Designs Cyrus workstation is a great looking, contemporary style studio desk in a cherry finish with black accents. While it comes in different color versions, this one looks the best. It is a very efficient work station that makes for very good space utilization. In terms of design & manufacturing quality, Z-Line has featured tempered glass with black border for safety and chrome cylinder glass supports. The glass is solid and in general, the product seems very resistant and sturdy.

As with most workstations, a pull-out keyboard tray with room for a mouse has also been included. The particularity of this one is that it is larger than the ones featured on some of its competitors. It is worth mentioning that this workstation is extremely mobile, as you can reposition or relocate it easily. Easy-to-follow setup instructions have been provided for his unit. If the workstation definitely has disadvantages (quality of materials, particle board etc), it is appealing and has an overall great value.

2. HOMCOM 61 Office Workstation Review

  • 85%
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Excellent shape and size


Two shelves = increased flexibility


Solid manufacturing & materials (wood)


Long assembly time


The sections of the desk are not perfectly leveled.

The HOMCOM 61 is a versatile and flexible workstation. Great attention has been given to the manufacturing of this unit with high-quality materials such as MDF panels, a silver powder-coated steel frame, and a PVC laminated surface. All these will provide long-lasting durability.

The design of the product is also convenient. The L-shape design will let you save a lot of space whilst increasing the functionality of the desk. While some producers like to turn around and work in a mobile way, some will still prefer a “two-tier” workstation. However, the convenient design is not only summarized by its fantastic versatility. A mobile CPU rack, a sliding keyboard tray are additions that will be beneficial to any music producer.

Anti-slip feet make the unit stable. Nonetheless, even though it’s solid if you move it, you can really tell that it’s held together in only a few places. The set-up time will be fairly slow, but overall good instructions are provided, and for a product of this value, you can only expect to put in some time. As a whole HOMCOM’s desk is solid and large and looks good.

3. Omnirax Presto 4 Studio Desk Review

  • 85%

Compact/convenient for small studio space


Has a considerable amount built-in racks


Appealing and professional looking


Time consuming assembly


High main desk (makes the use of a MIDI Keyboard difficult)

With their Presto 4 Studio Desk, Omnirax has delivered a very high-quality product. The desk has a nice layout and is wide enough for large keyboard control surfaces or smaller mixers. Moreover, the shelf which is above the rack spaces can perfectly hold computer monitors and near-field monitors.

The shelf that is below is a good place for a computer and storage. With this studio desk, you will get what Omnirax believe to be an optimal sliding computer keyboard shelf, the KMS-PR. What you will also appreciate is the fact that the sliding shelf retracts very far back underneath the desk out of the way of your legs. Moreover, height is adjustable and the desk has wheels for increased flexibility and mobility.

In terms of manufacturing, there is no doubt that this desk has been well constructed. However, the desk gets dirty with fingerprints very easily. This model is available in melamine laminates or melamine with Gray Slate, Mahogany or Maple Formica top surfaces.

Recommendation | Recording Studio Desks

1. Why should you consider having a recording studio desk?

  • Eases workflow
  • Permits a more organized working environment
  • Will make your studio look better
  • Increases your creativity
  • Improves your productivity

2. Are design & manufacturing important criteria ?

Whenever you want to buy any product, a more appealing product will always have the upper hand against a less attractive one. As a rule of thumb, the design should be important criteria when selecting a recording studio desk. Nonetheless, don’t let this overshadow the importance of the flexibility and possibilities the given disk offers you. The design also ties in with the quality of manufacturing.

A wooden studio desk will almost always look more sturdy and resistant than a plastic one. Moreover, design overlaps with compartments, storage possibilities and the overall way you can position and place your gear & accessories on the studio desk. It is always good to consider a music production desk that has two different levels/sides to place your music production equipment. That way, it will be easy to perfectly integrate your mixing consoles and controllers.

Does quality of manufacturing make a real difference? Obviously, high-quality materials (wood, resistant metal) can make a difference. That being said, there are there are quality options available which don’t necessarily include these materials.

3. Are compartments, disposition & storage possibilities important?

If you have lots of gear & music equipment, it can be a hassle to organize your working environment if you don’t have a proper music studio desk. Nonetheless, not all studio desks provide the necessary compartments, disposition & storage possibilities. In that sense, it is important to underline the clear difference which exists between workstations and desks. If the latter is your usual desk which probably resembles your current setup, the former includes sometimes compartments, to store cables or other accessories and an overall more ergonomic disposition where you will find the place for your audio, interface, studio speakers & other additional tools.

Therefore, whilst the products we have selected in this article will include optimized studio desks, we essentially focus on music production workstations which have more extensive storage   (rack spaces) and a permit an easier way to position the integrality of your music gear.

Is the size of a music production desk something you should consider?

Depending on your room size, you will want to look for a music production desk that is at the same time offering great possibilities to organize the different music production tools you have and also ergonomic whilst not taking up too much space.

What we mean by this is that size is an important factor depending on your storage capabilities: if you have the possibility to go for a larger option don’t hesitate. Conversely, if you are finding trouble to find the place in your house where you will be able to place your recording studio, go for the desk that combines the best-restricted size with possibilities.

We don’t all have the luxury to posses a professional music production studio like well-known artists. Nonetheless, plenty of desk options are adapted to most environments. Size with design, if well allied and purposefully thought out can provide great positioning options even with a studio desk which appears to have a restricted size.


Recording studio desks are essential elements to facilitate the musical process and keep the creative juices flowing. Our review included three highly versatile, qualitative and flexible workstations which are ideal for any producer who wants to improve his current setup. However, in our opinion, it is the Z-Line Designs Cyrus Workstation that has the upper hand in comparison with the other two models. The reasons being its flexibility and mobility, its stylish design and the very good space utilization for optimal storage capabilities.


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