Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro review: The market of headphones offers a very dense and vast array of options. In recent years, the surge of music production popularity has contributed to the increase of available headphone models. Professional studio headphones offer undeniable advantages for the mixing and tracking processes every music producer has to go through. Qualitative headphones are often fabricated by a number of leading brands.

Through the years, Beyerdynamic has clearly distinguished itself as one of these brands and delivered trustworthy headphones for more advanced and experimented musicians. The Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO proves to be no exception to this rule. These comfortable and complete headphones will not deceive bass enthusiasts whilst proving to be one of the most comfortable headsets out there. Reliable, the DT-770 PRO has become a musician favorite over the years. In all environments, these headphones deliver one of the most accurate, authentic and true sounds. Our review will try to give the most comprehensive, enhanced and honest review of the DT-770 PRO.

  • overall rating 85%
  • Features 80%
  • Software 90%
  • Design 80%
  • Value 90%

Pros & Cons 

Comfortable  (Velour pads).
Great isolation
Build quality & lightweight
Carrying case is included
Bulky construction
Lack of sub bass
Sibilance and accentuation of the highs

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Features


Spring steel headband provides robustness and reliability.


Closed studio headphones equalized to meet diffuse field EQ requirements.


Single-sided cable makes the use very easy for performing.


Comfortable head pad makes the headphones suite for long performing sessions.


Innovative bass-reflex system. A type of loudspeaker enclosure is incorporated to increase the efficiency of the system at low frequencies.

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO Review

Performance & Sound Quality

  • 80%

In terms of performance, Beyerdynamic offers 3 different impedance versions: the 32 Ohms, the 80 ohms and the 250 ohms. Hand in hand, the impedance is an important factor, but the choice of headphone really depends on what your usage is. Intended to use at home with your receiver or on-the-go with your smartphone, the safest bet is to go with 32 ohms.

On the contrary, high-impedance models are much better suited for home usage. Overall, a high-impedance sounds better than a low impedance. Conversely, the 80 and 250 ohms sound more transparent and clearer, bass definition is better, and the soundstage is more spacious. The 80 ohms would be for universal studio usage and the latter one would be for professional end devices (mixing desks/audio interfaces).

“These headphones offer at the same time a bright and soft sound rendering.”

These headphones offer at the same time a bright and soft sound rendering. In addition, the Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO headphones have one of the best sub-bass on the market.  Even if, humans can only hear frequencies between 20 to 20000 Hz, it offers a range between 5 to 35,000 Hz. In turn, this will deliver a very detailed and precise sound. As mentioned earlier, these closed-design headphones are definitely aimed at music production.


  • 80%

The headphones feature circumaural soft velour pads which provide an unbelievably comfortable experience. Furthermore, the closed back design of these headphones offers fantastic isolation without removing any of the comforts. Not only that, the velour pads which are replaceable are also circumaural. This means that they cover all the ear and increase the wearing port.

Reliability & Ergonomy

  • 90%

As you might have seen in the picture above, the DT-770 headphones are very solid and resistant making them very reliable in the long term. Nonetheless, the downside of these headphones is that they are particularly bulky and not the easiest one to have around your neck. Moreover, when the headphones are around your ears, all the movements you will make won’t provide the most satisfactory feelings. However, it is understandable that these headphones are rather cumbersome because they are professional studio headphones after all.

“The DT-770 headphones are very solid and resistant making them very reliable on the long term.”

Accordingly, professional studio headphones are not small by any means. When we were talking about solid manufacturing earlier, we had the metallic structure of these headphones in mind. Indeed, except the housing pads, which are made of plastic, the overall fabrication of the headphones proves to be a very qualitative one. Furthermore, once you get used to the considerable weight of these, you’ll forget about it.


  • 90%

For decades Beyerdynamic has been a leading audio equipment brand. Not only in terms of headphones, but also for headsets, microphones and conference systems and technology. Experience in the field often rhymes with high quality. Beyerdynamic headphones are high standard headphones (DT 770/880/990 PRO). In fact, we could say that this professional reliable and trustworthy company delivers probably some of the best headphones on today’s market. To sum things up, in our opinion this product is definitely worth the money.

How Does the DT 770 Headphones Compare?

1. Sony MDR7506 Review

  • 90%

The Sony MDR-7506 headphones share almost the same features as the Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO in terms of comfort, reliability, and ergonomy. Nonetheless, a few exceptions are worth to be mentioned. The MDR7506 has the advantage to be folded and comes with a protective storage. Performance-wise, Sony offers only 32 ohms headphones which are more dedicated to home studio usage. Moreover, the frequency range (10 to 10,000 Hz) is less expensive than the Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO but remains reasonable. However, performance differences are presented at a comparatively lower price.

2. Direct Sound EX-29 Review

  • 75%

The EX-29 Dynamic headphones aren’t for most the best-looking headphones. However, they share similar characteristics in terms of comfort and price. If you’re interested in headphones that have great isolations, the EX-29 Dynamic might be the headphones for you. Indeed, the earmuffs are specially designed to reduce ambient sound by an average of 28 decibels. We recommend the Shure headphones for home studio purposes because it features a 32 ohms impedance.

3. Shure SRH-1840 Review

  • 90%

For these headphones, Shure made a considerable effort on the design of its product. We really appreciate the shape and futuristic manufacturing of these headphones. Not only that, Shure has managed to provide at the same time a high level of comfort for its customers. Sturdy, but also very light,  you’ll barely feel the headphones when you have them on. Additionally, the lightweight and an ergonomic dual-frame headband are fully adjustable, providing a secure fit. The cable has a gold-plated 3.5mm stereo mini plug with a threaded 1/4″ adapter for wide compatibility with a variety of consumer and professional audio devices. This product is highly recommended for advanced music producers and professionals.


The Beyerdynamic DT-770 PRO offers all the qualities required for studio monitor headphones. These have crisp highs, present mids, and lows whilst retaining a neutral sound. Moreover, the comfort of this pair indisputable and it’s resistance is undeniable. If you are a music producer or music enthusiast, these are great headphones to consider.

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